2019 Lucky Envelope

For the coming Chinese New Year of the Pig (2019), we are delighted to print a batch of lucky envelopes. The illustration is from freepik.com, which is a great website I often use to source nice pictures and inspirations.

This is the second time we print lucky envelopes. Last year we invited a few friends, who are also the very beginning members of the studio, to draw cute paintings and print with the old but new friend, our Risograph printer.

the lucky envelop event in 2018

To deliver lucky envelopes is a very old tradition in China. I used to be quite into it when I was a little kid, but then got somehow bored afterwards, because I had to give money away instead of getting them in. However seriously, I began to feel deep and complicated to my local culture, with which I’m born.

My mind was then converted when I could make the envelopes by myself, from paper selecting, structure design, printing to final finishing. Even though it only simply looks like a pocket, I changed many times on the spreading design.

the spreading design of the small envelope

That is the fun of craftsmanship, and Risograph has brought back there.

illustration design by Freepik / printed by Rhinoceros Studio