Rhinoceros Studio is a workspace of graphic design with various printing techniques such as Risograph Printing and Silk Screen Printing.

We follow through the complete process of creating interesting artworks — from ideas to design, offering printing and manufacturing illustrations, picture pamphlets, cards, zines, posters and packagings, etc.

Rhinoceros Studio is a Hetero-topia for graphic lovers, professional designers, or artists, to explore the possibilities of ink, media and processes.

We believe that there is no inherent conflict between craftsmanship and industrialization. The problem consumerism brings to society is the alienation of goods: people focus only on the price tags instead of the value of design and specific processes of creating artworks. We are committed to easing the impact of modern mass production and excessive consumerism, and calling back the relations of traditions and culture memories.

Rhinoceros Studio provides a real ‘space’ for art lovers, but also with more abstract implications. It is made up of four modules: art & design, printing space sharing, artwork shop, and events including workshops, salons, and exhibitions.